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#WCICMusicChoice: SOHLA “Clay” Feat. Robyn Glass

Sohla, Robyn Glass,

London producer, SOHLA collaborates with singer, Robyn Glass, to create a soothing, relaxing track that will make you want to dance titled, “Clay”. On this track, Robyn voice blends so well with the dark, deep production that will truly put you in a trans. Best listen to with all lights off and eyes closed. Listen

New RnB Music: immature “Never Lie”


After making their debut back in the music industry earlier this month with, “”, the trio immature returns with a new song titled, “Never Lie”. Listen

EP Stream: Spillage Village’s J.I.D. (@SlickSixJID) “Dicaprio”


Spillage Village’s own J.I.D. releases a new EP today titled, Dicaprio. Featuring some of Atlanta counterparts such as Earthgang, Two 9’s own Curtis Williams, OG Maco, with production by Childish Major, DJ Fu of EarDrummers, Hollywood JB, Christo and more, J.I.D. delivers the lyrical substance that many are missing in the city of Atlanta as he grows as an artist that many are on the look out for. On the 8 track EP, J.I.D. will continue to grow fans as he keeps you intuned lavish situations all while giving you his unique flow. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Montage (@montageclv) & Ellie Goulding “In My City”

Montage, Ellie Goulding

Las Vegas duo, Montage, returns with a new track titled, “In My City” feat. Ellie Goulding. Listen

New RnB Music: Charlie Wilson “Infectious” Feat. Snoop Dogg

Charlie Wilson, Snoop Dogg

Off of his upcoming new album Forever Charlie, Charlie Wilson aka Uncle Charlie teams up with nephew Snoop Dogg for another collaboration titled, “Infectious”. Listen

New Hip Hop Music: Voli (@VoliMusic) “A Life Worth Killing” Feat. Ming


New Jersey Hip Hop artist, Voli returns with a new track titled, “A Life Worth Killing” featuring singer Ming. If you’re looking for the Hip Hop sound that many are missing in life today, revive it by listening to this track as it fulfills your soul. Listen

New Music: Rihanna “FourFiveSeconds” (Christian Rich Remix) Feat. Kanye West & Paul McCartney

Christian Rich, Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

After Rihanna made the debut for her new song, “FourFiveSeconds“, featuring Kanye West and legend Paul McCartney, the internet went into a frenzy as the 3 power houses collaborated on the song. Now, producers Kehinde & Taiwo aka Christian Rich, rework the song to create something that I think even Rihanna, Kanye and Paul would give them the approval on as the add more of a piano vibe to the track, giving it more of smooth RnB feel. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Doja Cat (@dojacat) “GOLDEN” #ARTistToWatch

Doja Cat,

After the release of her Purrr! EP, the lady who stay “So High” and wants “No Police” around her, Doja Cat drops a new track titled, “Golden”. When you Doja, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a lot women hating on you. Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: ISTILLFEELIT “Perfume”


I swear this track just sounds like the scoring for the greatest, artistic sex scene in the world. Probably makes since, with the production completed by, ISTILLFEELIT, he puts creates a composing titled, “Perfume” that is an euphoric production that will make you want to record your own sex scene with like 10 camera pointed at you in Black & White. With good editing, it may come out good, but just add this track as the background music for it and some slow motion effects and I’m pretty sure it would still be AMAZING!!! Listen

#WCICMusicChoice: Frank Liin “Wet Washing”

Frank Liin

With the description, “Natural dryness. Stillness. Motion. Nutella. Toilet Paper.”, Australian artist, Frank Liin is exactly right about that with his new song, “Wet Washing”. As the song almost feels emotionless, but will make you slowly sway back and forth while loving the thickness of the drum kicks topped with high pitched vocals that makes this song the shit. Listen


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