Last night to end Coachella 2012 they had a West Coast reunion that was OUT OF THIS WORLD! And with that said, they made sure to bring California most notorious rapper back from the dead. Yes Tupac, well a hologram Tupac actually gave a live performance at the event peforming, “Hail Mary” and “Americaz Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg and even freaked out people when in the beginning he screams, “What The F*ck is up Coachella!”. I must say who ever did the special effects for this event has literally taken this world into the future that we all see in movies with holographic images. Who will be the next artists, or person they use this technology for?… Kurk Cobain?… Michael Jackson?… or maybe Biggie?…

But check out the video of  Tupac’s performance at Coachella… Tupac’s Back!

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