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Who Are Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists

Diddy, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cents

So who do you think will be at the top of this list? Me personally, I thought it would be either Jay-Z who recently just became co-owner of the Yankees and also owner of the new Concourse D at Atlanta’s Hartfield Airport, or 50 cents for his earnings early on. If you felt the same you would be wrong as I am. Toping the Forbes list as the Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist is Diddy. Jay-Z was 2nd, but 50 cents… What in the world have you been investing in? He’s definitely showing how easy it is to spend $450 million, but check out the top 5 below.

1. Diddy: $550 Million
2. Jay-Z: $460 Million
3. Dr. Dre: $270 Million
4. Birdman: $125 Million
5. 50 Cent: $100 Million

[via Forbes]

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