Yesterday, #Things2ChainzWouldSay became a trending topic and I haven’t seen people go in on a trending topic like that in while. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge 2 chainz supporter, especially because he has been grinding for a very long time and never lost faith to get to the top, BUT everyone should be able to laugh at themselves sometimes. So here is the list I put together of the one’s I thought was hilarious. If you have any feel free to share:

1. #Things2ChainzWouldSay My favorite show is BLUES CLUES! Twerk team on YOUTUBE! ATL that’s NEW NEW! Eat more chicken.. MOO MOO!

2. #Things2ChainzWouldSay – in Wal-Mart, I’m leanin tho, my SHOPPIN cart, I’m steerin bro, dey ask my fav cere-al, iHolla back, CHEERIOOOS.

3. #things2chainzwouldsay no hang time, amare braids, boosie cut, ball fade, allen iverson not paid, Lebrons’s hairline, FADE AWWWWWWAAAAYYYYYY

4. #Things2ChainzWouldSay Big Mac, Large Fry. Diet Coke and a Apple Pie. Chocolate Shake, Yea I’m a fiend. I love McDonalds, Fuck BURGER KING!!

5. #Things2ChainzWouldSay : 2Chainz but I’m 3cool, Google me If you need to. Yo girl panties ? See thru. Been hittin that since Pre-School !

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