Akon, owner and creator of Konvict Music was told by Kardinal Offishall that he should have signed Drake, but passed on the idea. I definitely can see why Kardinal would give this advice, because at the time Drake was a t.v. star, he comes from Kardinal’s hometown, Toronto and plus he is a marketable lyrical rapper.

“The biggest one that he passed on, I told him about Drake early,” he said of Akon, who has signed artists such as T-Pain and Lady Gaga. “I said, ‘Kon, this kid is a T.V. star… and this kid is crazy.'”

“I had met him years before he started with his first mixtape,” continued Offishall. “The thing that’s dope about Drake is that I remember, like he was just hungry because he wanted to make that transition from the acting to the rapping.”

“After he blew [with So Far Gone], I went back and said, ‘See Kon, I told you,'” said Kardinal. “But it’s one of those things that worked out beautifully for Drake with YMCMB. He’s got a good camp.”

In all, Akon is know for scouting great talent, but also he is known to me for scouting out of the box talent. Akon doesn’t have anyone on his label who looks and presents themselves as the everyday rap artist, or artist. Eventhough I feel Drakes fan base overseas would have probably grew faster with Akon, I still think YMCMB is the record label that fits better for Drake and his identity.

P.S. Besides, I’m pretty sure Akon is being conforted for not making that decision by Lady Gaga and T-Pain’s money.

[via MTV]

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