They say success is what you make it, and yet to some it’s when you make it. Saturday May 30th was marked as a day of success for underground rapper Sy Ari Da Kid, formerly known as Da Kid. In 102 degree weather many stood outside Atlanta’s own “Penthouse” studio located on the corner of Auburn Avenue and Bell Street. The gathering was in lout of the listening party for the mix tape that was being released that day. With managers and promoters running around in order to make sure this event would be successful, it was hard to tell when the listening party would take place.

After grace was said, the food presented, and the thanks were expressed, the party was underway. “You don’t have to listen to every track, but I’m going to run the whole tape through” Sy Ari stated as he turned on the mix tape. But yet as intriguing as leaving the hot environment seemed, you found yourself restrained while feeling the lyrics and the beats. The music had a raunchy, hype, hip hop feel to it. Alternating from different styles of rap in each song, this tape kept its audience in ambiance of its true ARTistry. Sy Ari kept the music true to himself which is something a lot of artist these days miss as they journey through the never ending paths of “music land”, with references to his late comrade Slim Dunkin, stories of his child hood, and illicit metaphors and alliterations, you could tell where this artist was coming from.

Surprise appearances were also in order from big name promoters, Dj’s, and other artist including the recent hook sensation K-Camp as they graced the event with their attendance. With the head count approximating to well over 100 attendees the event reached a tremendous success, which is something many artists can’t say for their listening parties. But again how do we measure success is it really what you make it, or is it when you make it, or does it really matter because the real story is in how you make it? Well for underground rapper he can add this event as a chapter in his story to success, because apart from Atlanta reaching 102 degrees, and the crowd, Sy Ari can truly fan himself and say “this is why I’m hot”.

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Pictures and Video from Listening Party Coming Soon…

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