Damon Feldman announced recently that Chris Brown and Drake will not be fighting each other. Even with offering both 5 million dollars each, Drake still turned down the offer. Many people were looking forward to this happening especially after the night club brawl back in June between the two, but Feldman stated:

“Drake won’t box,” Feldman tells RapFlix. “He said he doesn’t want to go that route. So basically he punked out. There will be no fight now.”

“The boxing match would have settled the grudge and helped charities,” he added. “I’m pissed because Chris Brown wanted this and everything was set!”

It was probably a good thing that Drake turned down the fight, because I have a feeling Chris Brown would have went to WORK on him and left Drake on the ground with a, Take Care, cd beside him.

[via hiphopblog]

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