According to Roscoe Dash, he was the writer for the hook on Wale’s hit single, “Lotus Flower Bomb”, that Miguel sung. And when Kanye West’s Presents Cruel Summer dropped and he didn’t get credit for writing the hook for, “To The World” that R. Kelly sung, he decided to go on a rampage on twitter/instagram and his main target out of all people was not Kanye, or Wale, but Miguel the R&B singer.

From all of it Miguel was confused why in the world Roscoe would decide to come after him out of all people when he was just asked to be on the song.

“Of all people, of course he’s gonna attack the R&B dude! I have no idea [if Roscoe really wrote Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb”]. I was asked to be a part of the song, so when I got the song, what was written was written by certain parties.”

“I know what I wrote and I got credit for what I wrote.”

[via HipHopBlog]

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