I know for years, I thought once you are convicted of a felony you are not able to vote. With that said, T.I. is one artists that I would think wouldn’t have the privilege to, but he is showing people to ALWAYS FIND OUT THE LAW!

In an interview with MTV, T.I. even though a convict felon, he is eligible to vote because he is off of probation and basically because has done his time. This is something that anyone with a criminal background needs to know and also understand what their options are.

“I am able to vote because I have served my time, I’m off probation, so I can re-register just like each and all of you can. If you are off from probation, you are not serving a sentence — matter of fact, if you are out on bond and have not yet been convicted, you also may vote.”

“I’m going to make it my business to go out there and vote.”

[via HipHopBlog]

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