Last night, Big Boi decided to do a Q & A with all of his twitter followers. By typing #AskBigBoi, he answered a lot of questions that people wanted to know about him, what he prefers and whats to come on his new CD. These are some interesting questions asked and answered that I’m pretty sure a lot people didn’t know about Big Boi.

1. @ThomasbManic: What’s you’re favorite west coast rapper right? E 40 and Too Short2. @LoucksAJ:  Make any good investments? Gold Bars and Apple Stock caught it at $40 a share
3. @yimmy910:  How do you like that new tip and three stacks joint “Sorry”? Dopeness
4. @Mohsinqazi: What is your favorite movie? Big Bubble But Brazilian Orgy
5. @BigRiz78: Favorite Drink? Distilled Water
6. @AyMan2313: What’s your favorite spot in the A to eat at? Spondivitz
7. @Tee_Cain: If you could give one piece of advice to an up and coming artist what would it be? Be Original
8. @Toplaya: One of your favorite vacation spots on the globe. Sydney
9. @CocaColaBrowne1: Is there a part of the world that even you haven’t visited but would like to? China
10. @MrSanders: Besides Outkast who is your favorite hip hop duo? UGK
11. @Calicoe3: Did you smash Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton? Boooooy Stoooop
12. @Frisbeemouse: Have you ever skateboarded? 9th grade
13. @Duble_LR: What was your favorite video to film? Bombs Over Baghdad
14. @NotFunnyRamon: You gonna work with Trinidad James?
15. @Citizen_Paine: In your opinion, what’s the best year of Cadillac Seville? 1979
16. @BernieB_85: Favorite snack during studio sessions? White Cheddar Smart Food Popcorn
17. @NotRunnyRamon: Could name 1 R&B artist you’d love to work with new or old? Sade
18. @Evan_Drummer: Are you still colder than a polar bear’s toe nails? And colder than Penguin P*ssy
19. @Cohencouh: Favorite Book? The Bible Old Testament
20. @AllenFDavis1: Whats you’re favorite track on the new album? Descending

On December 11th, make sure to buy Big Boi’s album, “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors”.

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