During the Super Bowl performance that held Beyonce and the reuniting of Destiny Child where  Beyonce had Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams join her. Keyshia Cole decided to tell everyone on twitter how she felt about Michelle Williams performance at the Super Bowl and stated:

“I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my a** up from my daze! She always fuckN the groove up.”

With that stated, that was all that was needed for Twitter to go Ape Sh*t on her and some of the these tweets were hilarious. Checkout the top ten tweets about Keyshia Cole trying to get on Michelle Williams.

1. @BlkStarDynasty – Hoes get a picture on a $3 perm box and now you can judge someone singing. @KeyshiaCole 😒 pic.twitter.com/CdK7rqZJ #BlackStarDynasty


2. @thejayluvshow – The NEERRVE of you Ms Keyshia Cole.. How you gonna hate from outside the Superdome? YOU CANT EVEN GET IN! lol haha

3.  @ChicagoTEVIN: Meanwhile,@KeyshiaCole is worried about everyone else.pic.twitter.com/riYBcr6p”smh

4.  @RealMichelleW @KeyshiaCole im Destiny’s Child, u are Frankies Child….u do the math

5. This is what #Beyonce had to say about Keyshia Cole dissing Michelle on twitter pic.twitter.com/96hdKQC6

6.Hey @KeyshiaCole, I Got Something to Tell you >>>>pic.twitter.com/5gTKyMxR

7. @HumorOrTruth Jaide had more hits than Keyshia Cole

8. @brandunXdeshay Keyshia Cole got her gap closed and now she don’t know how to act.

9. @But4YDoe: Have a seat @KeyshiaCole pic.twitter.com/tqRv9YRz

10. @LlerretJazelle Girl, @KeyshiaCole you can’t talk about nobody singing when you did this: http://youtu.be/JmPcwqq_m14  *walks away*

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