After Ray J’s new song, “I Hit It First” hit the air waves, Brandy’s brother called in to Hot 97 to explain the song and album itself. Crazy thing is, he definitely is taking the innocent role and pretending as if none of the things that happened with Kim Kardashian was taken into consideration. Even stating that the song isn’t about her at all and that it’s just a “concept song”. Plus adds that it isn’t to be taken as a diss song and he isn’t trying to, “start a war”.

To be honest, I would have respected him more as a man if he just came out and said, “Hell yeah the song is about her” and just put her on front street, rather than batting his eyes and trying to look innocent. But in all, I would have respected him even more if he just didn’t bring it up in the first place, because dude is looking real desperate right now.

Listen to Interview Below:

[via MissInfo]

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