This week, Beyonce started off her “Mrs. Carter Show” concert in Serbia and one thing no one can take from Beyonce is her beauty and performance and for the first concert she definitely put on a show. Especially when Beyonce came back out during a show change and was incase in a Swarovski crystallized body suit and to top it off, it actually displayed the molding of Beyonce’s breast nipples and all. Who to say if them “tittays” really look like that, but come to find out, The Blondes, who collaborated on the body suit stated that it actually took over 600 hours to complete it.

They tell Fashionista:

We proposed several different options and this was the one that won.  Beyonce exudes confidence, glamour and sensuality, so, we created something that would express all of those things in every way. Our original inspiration came from Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings of the female body.

To start, Phillipe hand painted the suit on Beyonce to achieve the correct shading. The piece was then hand embroidered with approximately 30,000 Swarovski crystals that took over 600 hours to apply. It was a close collaboration with Beyonce, Tina Knowles and her stylist, Ty Hunter, to finish what would become one of the most glamorous and provocative looks she’s ever worn.

It is also meant to give the illusion of being covered in crystallized honey. It’s a couture look that would not only be stunning, but, also reflect her personality and the music from this segment of the Mrs. Carter Tour.

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