Well… It seems that Chris Brown is actually scaring the HELL out of his neighbors. I a recent report, Chris Brown’s neighbors in the Hollywood Hills are furious about his monster graffiti art that was created outside of his home because it is actually scaring the local kids.

“There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they’re literally frightened. It’s like devils on the wall — big scary eyes and big scary teeth, and just the whole vibe is not what we’re used to.”

– Patti Negri, president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Assn.

After complaints were sent in, comes to find out in L.A. it is illegal to create murals on private property  and L.A. officials have citied Chris Brown with a unpermitted and excessive signage and has 30 days to have the art work removed, or he will be fined.

[via Vibe]

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