Even though he is most times under estimated as a singer and is given more credit for being a song writer, I will still say The-Dream can compete with the best artists in the industry right now and his new album, “IV Play” which is set to release on May 28, may be the thing to prove that. Right after dropping a new track that featured Jay-Z titled, “High Art“, and come to find out he also joined up with Bey as well and 2 Chainz to make a song titled, “Turnt” which sound like a BEAST and thats only from the snippet.

Checkout The Track List Below:

1. High Art (Feat. Jay-Z)
2. IV Play
3. Equestrain
4. Pussy (Feat. Big Sean & Pusha T)
5. Turnt (Feat. Beyonce & 2 Chainz)
6. Where Have You Been (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
7. Too Early (Feat. Gary Clark Jr.)
8. Michael
9. Loving You/Crazy
10. New Orleans
11. Self-Conscious
12. Holy Love
13. Outro
14. Slow It Down (Feat. Fabolous)
15. Divine
16. Y’All
17. Tron
18. Psycho

[via HipHopNMore]

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