A recent released picture of Ja Rule was uploaded on instagram yesterday after he got out of prison and afterwards twitter went crazy about how muscular the rapper has gotten.  After being released from prison and you can definitely tell that dude was not missing one meal and was working out day and night. Even though he has always been in good shape, jail made him pack on some weight to be burned and turned into muscle, so forget a PX90, Zumba, Kanye Workout plan, get on that Jail House Workout Plan. I can truly say I don’t think 5o cent or anyone was taking his cornbread, but if he comes out and start singing all these love songs again sounding like Van Diesel, I retract that statement.

But if you don’t believe that Rule gotten larger, the chain on his neck in the before picture is the same exact chain in the after picture. LOL!


Not This Ja Rule…


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