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SmokeyBear, whose birth name is Mariounta Lorden, was born in Atlanta, Ga September 19th, 1993. After only living there a couple of years, his mother Temeka moved yung bear and his older brother to Louisiana. In Lake Charles, Louisiana is where SmokeyBear grew up and got his taste for music. His Aunt and cousins were established in the city with their one female but male dominant group “Southpaw”. These are the close people who inspired Mariounta to do music. His first gig was a lip singing contest in the fourth grade, then a talent show in sixth grade. These were only the stepping stones to SmokeyBear’s music career. In 2007, Mariounta mom moved herself and his then three siblings to Columbus, Ga. It was a change but he soon adjusted and got right back on his music grind.  He was doing several talent show auditions, rapping at all school functions, and recording at house studios. He formed three rap groups while living in Columbus, while doing his solo job at the same time. He dropped his first mixtape junior year in high school, under the rap name ‘Yung Tay’ titled “High Times” and it did fairly well; releasing it on Datpiff and selling hard copies as well. This tape got him recognized in the city and a step into one of the hardest working labels in the south. In the summer of 2011 he doubled back with “High Times 2” and it kept his name hot in the city of Columbus. In the summer he linked up with a hard working group called YNCK. Yung Tay & YNCK wrote their first hit and only collab “Juice” in a trailer home. They performed this song all over the southeast area, from Cusseta to Buena Vista to Atlanta to Columbus to Macon all the way to 106&Park in New York City. After performing their song “Juice” at a Blaze The Stage audition and literally blazing the stage, they landed themselves a spot on Wild Out Wednesday. February 22nd, 2012 the group YNCK & Yung Tay won 106&Park’s wild out Wednesday and a chance to come back and perform for All Stars!

On August 6, 2012 the group went back and won again! So now you have a two time 106&Park W.O.W winner on his grind like crazy, just graduated high school three months ago with a fan base incomparable. This is when Yung Tay gained the alias as the name SmokeyBear and established his movement “Kush Campers” and everyone and their mother wanted to be apart. He also joined the label where he recorded his verse to “Juice”, South of Atlanta (SOA). He has a smash single on YouTube called “Smoked Out” with over 12,000 views and a bunch of new videos on the SOATV  YouTube channel. In October 2012, SmokeyBear teamed up with one of the cities hottest DJ, DjTfBrad and released his third mixtape “Featuring SmokeyBear” and it had a list of all his hot recent collaborations. This kept his fans amped for the next release FRANCO, “Fa Real A Nigga Campd Out”. The highly anticipated project from SmokeyBear is set to drop summer 2013.

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