Right now, Jay-Z is somewhere putting a “green light” on a Beyonce fan after her butt was slapped during her performance in Copenhagen, Denmark. I need for Beyonce’s team to put an ad on for security guards, or they need to just keep her about 10 ft. away from her fans. First she was walking down an aisle and got slapped and her hair pulled, toddlers getting pulled up on the stage and now a dude was able to slap her a** like she was in a tip drill video?! C’ Mon Son!!! This isn’t a Compton cookout going on!

While Beyonce was performing her hit song, “Irreplaceable”, a fan from the crowd reached up and slapped Beyonce on the butt. But I must admit, Beyonce definitely knows the reason why she is where she is, because instead of pulling a, “Stop The Music” moment and going in on the fan for 5 minutes, she seriously, but kindly states to him, “”I will have you escorted out of here, alright” and keeps performing like nothing happened.

Thank You for that, because losing 80.000 fans all because you felt the need to put 1 in their place is not a smart move. But for that fan to be let off so easily, I must admit he is definitely having the BEST WEEK EVER!!!
[via Bossip]

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