While other artists are concerned about getting that one show that can get them known, other artists are waiting for the opportunities to take that show. Last night during the Hot 97’s Summer Jam, Rap Papa The Rapper aka Papoose decided that he was gonna get his shine on in between Kendrick Lamar and French Montana’s and was able to perform his new song, “Get At Me”, and once finished disappears like ghost in the crowd.

ONE! I’m still tryna figure out, how in the world was he able to perform his entire song, TWO! how in the world did the dj have his song ready to play? Did Papoose just hand the cd to him like he was called to perform at an artist showcase ?! I’m to confused on how this would happen and even if it did, I would think it would have been able to happen earlier within the show, but to almost have your concert end with a finale from Papoose?… No Bueno! For the south, that’s almost the equivalent of Birthday Bash happening and the finale is ended by Archie Eversole.

But I’m pretty sure someone will be interviewing Papoose this morning and in about 2 weeks he will be gone again like Cassidy.

Update: Comes to find out Papoose was supposed to come out during the event, but no one knew he was going to except for Peter Rosenberg who had discussed it with Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick wanted to pay dues back to the rapper for him watching over Kendrick in the past and actually gave Papoose the last few minutes of his set. Watch what they have to say about this on Hot 97.

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