Today kicks off the first day of J Cole’s “Dollar & A Dream Tour” and first stop is in Miami. Recently, J Cole released a flyer with 10 states including Toronto, Canada that he will be doing live shows at for almost nothing. Each concert ticket price is set at $1 dollar and the concerts will be a first come, first serve basis. The locations for each show has not been released yet, but will be released via twitter on the date of the concert.

Concert Dates:

June 11 – Miami, FL | June 12 – Atlanta, GA | June 13 – Baltimore, MD | June 14 – Boston, MA | June 20 – Washington, D.C. |
June 21 – Philadelphia, PA | June 23 – Chicago, IL | June 24 – Houston, TX | June 25 – Detroit, MI | June 26 – Toronto, ON

Event Pics: J Cole’s “Dollar And A Dream” Tour At Center Stage In Atlanta, GA


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