Yesterday afternoon, the crowd had already started to build up on West Peachtree St. for J Cole’s 2nd concert held for his “Dollar & A Dream Tour” sponsor by D’usse. Who’s to say when that will happen again, if ever, that a well-respected, #ARTist, lyricist and performer will hold a major concert for people to attend for only $1. Doesn’t matter how you had it, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, 100 pennies. LOL! One of my favorite tweet to J Cole for the event was one person who tweeted.

“I only have 99 cents my n*gga let me in @JColeNC”

Which was actually retweeted 1252 times. LOL! I’m pretty sure they still got in, but hopefully they got there early enough before the line for the event started to wrap all the way down to Spring St.

Waiting for the doors to open, people stood patiently in Atlanta’s humid heat for hours to have access to the Fayetteville, North Carolinian’s concert. Once the doors opened, you could hear the sounds of excitement from everyone happy to see what seemed to be only a dream was finally feeling real.

As the venue filled, music was DJ’d by DJ Infamous and was hosted by the livest host alive, Fort Knox. Building up the crowd anticipation, Fort Knox was then joined by Big Tigger who came out to yells from a crowd happy to see him. As it proceeded later into the evening and Center Stage filled to capacity it almost seem like the crowd couldn’t take it no more and right when it seems as if the crowd was about to come distraught, the lights went dim and J Cole made his appearance to the stage.

For his concert, he performed song all the way back to “The Warm Up” mixtape, plus taking suggestions from the crowd of what they would love to see him perform. But for one fan, J Cole made his day as he requested for Cole to perform “A Dollar And A Dream”. One situation though, J Cole didn’t remember all the words to the song, soooo he asked the fan to come up on the stage and help him perform the song. Dude looked super shocked to the point when he got on stage, he could barely remember the words himself, but as the performance went on you could definitely tell J Cole knew every word to the song. Come on, it’s the “Dollar And A Dream Tour” how ironic would it have been if that was the only song he didn’t remember the words to.

In all, Cole gave an all out 90 minute concert with crowd participation for only a $1. And even though people were hot, sweaty, stinky and anything else, he left everyone with an experience that many will never forget and showing that even though a dollar may not be worth much, if used correctly you may end up having an experience of a life time.

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