Recently, I was invited by with artist Yamin Semali to discuss a previous list of “New New” Atlanta artist that people should look out by XXL. With the list we definitely could tell that XXL has no CLUE to what it really going on in Atlanta. Other than a few artist that they had on the list such as Scotty ATL, Two9, Trouble, Spree Wilson, Migo’s, Stuey Rock and a couple of others, US from Atlanta hasn’t  seen any of these other artists on the streets, blogs or on the radio. SO! we decided to discuss who should be on the list and why we thought some of these other artist were on the list.

Side Note: previously I have found out that on Migo’s hook, “BANDO”, that they are saying “Trap Out The Bando”, not “Shoutout to Bando” and also, “Trappin out da house wit da BARS on the window”, not “BOYS on the Window”,  just in case anyone didn’t catch that. LOL!

But Checkout XXL’s list and the video and let us know who you think should have been on the list of Atlanta Hip-Hop ARTists people should look out for.


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