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Yo Gotti Sued By New Era Clothing Because Head Is TOO BIG!!!

yo gotti, new era, sued, big head

yo gotti, new era, sued, big head

Well when your head is the shape of a middle slice of a loaf of bread you already know that you will be a victim of a couple of jokes here and there, but recently rapper Yo Gotti had to go to court to settle a dispute against clothing apparel company, New Era. Why is he going to court? Well… New Era is suing Yo Gotti for stretching out the a few hats that were used during a photoshoot to the point that they can not be worn by anyone else.

During the case, New Era rep, Ryan Brinkley stated:

“I refuse to believe his head was the only thing placed inside of these hats”
And he actually thinks that Yo Gotti streched out the hats on purposed so that they could not be sold, or reused by any other celebrity clients.
In arguement of the dispute, the only thing stated by Yo Gotti was:
“The only thing I’m guilty of is being born with this damn head”.

[via CreamBMP]

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