Tupac Shakur, Hollywood star,

Suge Knight is actually making a stand on a topic that he may actually have millions of supporters backing him up on. Recently, TMZ caught Suge Knight while getting his truck washed in Malibu, California and had a chance to actually talk to the Death Row Mogul for a second and one thing that he makes clear is that rapper Tupac Shakur better get his own Hollywood Star or their will be consequences…

During the quick interview he even states:

“If they don’t hurry and put Tupac on the Walk of Fame, all the Tupac fans and all the homies are gonna start going down there and just scratching all the other names off.”

Plus celebs will be off-limits when his boys start destroying the stars… including Elvis.
Also during the interview, Suge Knight also diss Diddy for having a star when the only thing he did was dance and compared music icon Jimmy Lovine to a Ku Klux Klansman. To be honest, him and Diddy should be getting together right now and making that Tupac and Notorious BIG have their on Hollywood star.
But my favorite part of the interview is when he calls the TMZ cameraman a Weirdo, before he knew he was with TMZ. LOL! Click the link to see Suge Knight interview with TMZ.

[via TMZ]

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