Los Rakas, interview

When two cousins from Panama connected in East Oakland, who would’ve knew how they would end up impacting music. Raka Rich and Raka Dun a.k.a. Los Rakas are now 7 years deep into the rap game. AfterLos Rakasdropping a slew of mixtapes and singles, the group has become not just the face of Panamanian hip-hop, but an underground staple who can list the likes of Sway and Diplo as fans.

With a new double album set for release in March 2014 and a trip back to their native home to shoot a video, the cousins are riding high. Recently, NFTUTV had the chance to speak with Raka Dun about how he and his cousin came to form the group, how Panama and Oakland influenced their music and hustle, working with major artists and more.

[via NFTUTV]

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