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Kanye West’s next stop for his “Yeezus” tour was the Brooklyn Barclay Center and even with many friends and celebrities attending the concert Kanye has proven that he doesn’t hold back on the account of no one. In his recent rant Kanye discussed the VMA’s and Bruno Mars winning all of the awards, Rick Rubin telling him, he needed to perform and leave, a conversation with Oprah telling him, “They’re scared of you” and fashion companies not letting him in to shows.

Kanye West Gives COOLEST Rant Ever While In Boston!

One thing about Kanye is that he definitely tells the truth in his rants, It may be a rant, the stage has always been his confession box and platform to be able to speak his mind. The funny thing is now, when Kanye was on his silent march and would show up to shows and not say anything, people were asking, “Why aren’t you speaking?”, well now a lot of people are asking him to keep it down… Irony.

[via RTNY]

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