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Kelis’ New “Feast” Sauce Line Well Bring Everyone To The Yard



Even though at one point Kelis had every guy in the music industry wanting to know how her “milkshake” was at one point. Kelis is showing people that she has some true cooking skills. Singer Kelis and former wife of Hip-Hop mogul Nas is release her own sauce line named “Feast”.

According to Black Enterprise and News One:

One of the little known facts about music artist Kelis is her culinary skills. Kelis was a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and with her latest venture, she is putting those skills to work.

While at the Beverly Hills Food and Wine Festival, Kelis premiered her new sauce line, Feast. Here is how Kelis describes the line:

“At Feast, we want to celebrate life. And we want to do it daily. The most joyous, the most memorable, the most nostalgic moments in our lives…often times occur during a feast. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, first dates, proposals…festive food is inseparable from our most precious moments. At Feast, we believe that these moments shouldn’t be limited to only once or twice a year. At Feast, every day will be a celebration of life, love and happiness. Every day will truly feel like a special occasion. Every day will be a holiday”.

Kelis’ love of food stretches back a few years. During an interview with the Times, three years ago, Kelis admitted to being a sauce genius while she was in school. “Anything with a sauce involved, I flourished. I learned the basic French sauces like a beurre blanc or a bordelaise — really basic, classic French red and white sauces,” Kelis says of her love of all things sauce.

Well anyone who cooks knows that the 2 main things that can make anything taste great is seasonings and sauces. Example, TGI Friday’s Jack Daniels sauces which could probably make an old boot taste great. I’m pretty sure with Kelis’ culinary skills and her being from the “Souf” she will definitely make something pleasing to the people’s taste buds.

Checkout some pictures below of Kelis and her sauces from her Instagram.

[via Bossip]

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