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Yesterday on Instagram Singer/Songwriter and reality star from Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi took it back to her high school days for #TBT as she posted a picture of herself and singer and T.I.’s wife Tiny at 17.

I think a good amount of us can relate when it comes to looking back and seeing how small some of us may have been and Kandi at the age of 17 was super skinny. In an all black dress her and Tiny took a pose for the camera and I must say Kandi definitely proves that you can look better with age. checkout picture below of Kandi yesterday at Neyo’s charity event:

Kandi, neyo,

Yeah, I will definitely take the today Kandi rather than the back then Kandi. Plus you know you she has to be a good woman, because Kandi has no problem with men dropping to their knees and proposing to her.

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