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One thing that’s good about a cartoon is that you personally do not need a special guest to make a special appearance to be on the show.  For Southpark’s season finale, music mogul Kanye West, but not really Kanye West made another debute on the show and this time mistaken as Aquaman, he trying to explain to every one that Kim Kardashian is not a hobbit. From him speaking to a class, to him doing his infamous Taylor Swift microphone grab to Pope St. Francis while excepting the, “The Man Of The Year” Award from Time. Plus another “Bound 2” parody made in song version to explain Kim is not a Hobbit. This has definitely been one of Kanye West’s best and worst by far. I am a die hard Kanye fan, but even this he has to find himself laughing at.

Checkout the clips of Kanye appearances on the show below:

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