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With the release of his next album, “Underground Luxury” to be released this Tuesday, B.o.B had a chance to sit down with Karen Civil and discuss working on his Alternative Rock album. To be honest, I have heard B.o.B’s up and coming album and he definitely created a project that all B.o.B’s fan and newbies will love, BUT I can’t wait till B.o.B drops the Alternative Rock album. Because besides Lil Wayne Kanye West, who is another Hip-Hop artist that can create an Alternative Rock EP that will be successful?… exactly. During the interview B.o.B states:

“My rock EP will definitely give alternative music listeners and lovers a eargasm,” said Bobby Ray. “But I can’t rush it because, you know, music has to happen. Every song on this album happened, I didn’t contrive anything. I just knew, ‘Hey look, I want to do an album and I want to have some club records on it and I just want to have some fun with it.”

Checkout the interview below:

[via KarenCivil]

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