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Photo Credit: Prince of

Yesterday it was reported that Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy was arrested for assualting his son. In the report that was sent to TMZ, Young Jeezy turned himself in last Friday do to a warranty that was put out for his arrest which charged Jeezy with assault and battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his son. Now more information has come out about the incident that Jeezy and sources close to Jeezy have decided to open up about to TMZ as well.

A source close to Jeezy stay he blames everything on his greedy gold digging baby mama. The rapper did admit that him and his son, Jadarius did get into an argument that day, but he did not put his hands on him. It was also stated that Jeezy loves his son and literally caters to the boys every need including purchasing a car, jewelry, a cell phone, and expensive clothing and high-end clothing and sneakers for him.

Months prior to the incident, Jeezy had just rented out millionaire Lee Najjar’s astounding $19 million mansion for his son’s lavish 16 birthday party, which he was also chauffeured to in a SUV, plus paid for rapper, Soulja Boy to come out and perform at the birthday bash. It was stated that:

“Jadarius as a spoiled rotten teenager who regularly talks back to his father and refuses to follow rules.”

and that Jeezy is actually hurt by the latest betrayal of his son and baby mama.

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