Karrueche Tran by Mike Ho

When Chris Brown and Rihanna officially split, some people couldn’t understand why he decided to get back with Karrueche Tran. Well with Karrueche Tran teaming up with photographer Mike Ho and actor/producer Branden King for the look of the photo shoot, you can definitely start to understand why. It’s not many women who can make a Geisha Girl and a G.I. Jane all look elegant and sexy at the same damn time. With make up done by Dio Najar and hair Karla Diana this made an amazing photo shoot.

Brandon King states:

I think these photos are amazing. Mike Ho is incredible. I had an amazing glam squad who helped me create a modern geisha with a little sex appeal, then a little alter ego vibe when shooting her as an insergent . They both compliment each other. I love it, says King.

[via LBS]

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