Tree Sound Studios, 3 Little Digs, Lil Bibby, Red Bull, Konsole Kingz, Publik Trust Clothing

Last night was an epic night to be alive as Tree Sound Studios and 3 Little Digs teamed up to start the year off right by having a media/DJ appreciation dinner which included getting to know Chicago artist Lil Bibby.

Sponsored by Red Bull, Publik Trust Clothing, Cholula and Konsole Kingz, this event literally became a “Game Changer” for all music events. What event do you know that you can have great drinks, catered food that’s was completed by Chef Mali that included homemade mac and cheese, grilled asparagus, veggie, beef and turkey sloppy joes and fried chicken that many topped off with Cholula hot sauce to give it a perfectly blended kick, all while getting to play the new X Box One, Plus! to top it off, get to have a meet and greet with a well known artist who is taking over the rap game?… Exactly!

If you don’t know about Lil Bibby, you need to get to know him. With the release of his new mixtape, “Free Crack” hosted by DJ Scream, Lil Bibby has been getting featured on a plethora of music blogs and one main reason is because he isn’t the usual Chicago rapper that everyone expects. Today when we think of Chicago we don’t think of Common, or even Kanye, we think of Chief Keef. Even though Lil Bibby is cool with the GBE artist and they also support each other, Lil Bibby is not your ordinary Chiraq rapper. With the street sense that he is still capable of, Lil Bibby’s mixtape delivers heart pounding production with lyrics that make you understand his life, his mentality and his hustle.

After mixing and mingling all while eating hearty plates of delicious goodness, everyone headed to the Cave where Lil Bibby was greeted with a round of applause. The 19 year old rapper performed some of the crowds favorites off of his mixtape such as Water, Shout Out, How We Move, and my favorite, If You Knew. Between songs, Groove Chamber hosted a one on one session with the crowd as people got to ask questions about the artist’s influences, should he be on XXL 2014 Freshman’s List, What is his creative process and more. Even on some portions, people testified about how they were introduced to the artist as one lady stated, “My Daughter Put Me On To You!… and she doesn’t mess with every rap artist that comes out!”. To be approved by a mother says A LOT! So just to let everyone know even #MomsFuxWitBibby.

After listening to the artist, I understood more to why he titled the mixtape, “Free Crack”. Yeah it’s eye catching, yeah it can give some even a shock, but on the creative/hood (yes that is possible) side of me. Mixtape is Free, but the junkies are music lovers and when you make great music people begin to feign for it. For the Rap/Hip-Hop industry, I would definitely say Lil Bibby is gonna be a #1 supplier and after that event, all of us are waiting for that next “Hit”. #FreeCrack

Click Here To View All Pictures From The Event

Click Here To View All Pictures From The Event

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