Young Jeezy

Seems like Jeezy can’t get a break for nothing. Recently reported this evening by TMZ that CTE‘s own Jeezy has been arrested again and is being held at Fulton County Jail. It is reported that Jeezy was arrested in Alpharetta for obstructing police, after an alarm call was made and police arrived at his girlfriends home.

It is stated that Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins was uncooperative with police and refused to tell them his name and even cursed at a police stating, “F**k you, I ain’t telling you” and attempted to pull away as cops put the hand cuffs on him.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Jeezy was arrested at the beginning of the year for a pending case from 2012 that was finally put through and a warrant was sent out for him. The case pertained to an altercation between him and his son where Jeezy was charged with battery, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats.

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