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As Shakira has warmed up to her new home with Roc Nation as she released her new song, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” which featured Rihanna, Shakira is ready let her fans in on a little more information as to what the titled of her album will be. I’m guessing this the age that everyone wants to be true to themselves and let people know who they really are as Shakira is also going with a “self titled” album as well which will be dropping March 25th. Not much information about the album has been released other than people know Rihanna will be featured on it and singer/songwriter Ne-Yo.

When it comes to the name of the album, Shakira explains on facebook

“When the time came to put a name to this album…” / “Cuando llegó la hora de buscarle un título a este disco…”

I’m so happy that I will soon be sharing my latest album with you all, something I’ve been working on for over two years now. The work on this album has spanned a very eventful time, with many ups and downs but ultimately, the happiest period in my life thus far, including the birth of my son. I’ve explored many different directions, worked with many different people, and written many, many demos before arriving at the finished product I will soon be presenting to you.

When the time came to put a name to this album, I realized that it’s not exactly a thematic album, though love is and always has been one of my main subjects and sources for inspiration. It’s also not necessarily conceptual, as some of my albums have been in the past.

In the end, what I realized is that throughout the course of creating this body of work, I learned a lot about myself. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, all the directions I began exploring in the initial phases of recording were helping to pave a path for me of rediscovery. In the end I realized that I will always be a little bit of everything and I don’t have to choose. I am sometimes extremely sensitive, sometimes upbeat, others dreamy and romantic, and even at times a little melodramatic. (Call it the Caribbean blood.) But always authentic and always sincere.

Most importantly, I am enough. Imperfections and all. So what I am offering you now is just that.

Nothing more. A little bit of rock, a little bit of folk, a little reggae and naturally some dance–but as always, and above all, a lot of heart.

I hope you enjoy.


Even though their have been many artists in the past that have dropped self titled LP’s, but Shakira and Beyonce have been compared to each other to many time to think this is coincidental. The video for their hit song, “Beautiful Lie” was completely put together to show how similar the two were. Personally I think Shakira should go with something more original, but we will see if the album name changes before the release date.

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