Bedford Box Office, Ari Lennox, Rebecca Jordan, Van Hoorn, Raffinae Keyes, White Gallery, Sonya, Elise LeGrow

This mix would have came in handy on Tuesday while many people were trying to keep calm in Georgia from “SnowJam 2014”, or “Snownic 2014” I heard some people call it. Don’t know what they were doing, actually I do, but this mix of 7 tracks from artists you may, or may not know of as of yet is named perfectly. “DOPE” put together by 5 year company Bedford Box Office is a music treat for anyone who loves to hear good music. With a blend of dream pop, surfer’s rock, blues, and R&B artists, this makes a great mixtape to relax and chill out to.

Checkout more information about Bedford Box Office and the DOPE concert series at

DOPE by Bedford Box Office (Side A) Tracklist:

“Cold Outside” Ari Lennox & DJ Grumble
“Remember When” Rebecca Jordan
“Cocaine” Van Hoorn
“Late” Raffinae Keyes
“Johnny’s Gun” White Gallery
“Detached” Sonya
“Drinking In The Day” Elise LeGrow

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