#ThePanel, Schweinbeck, Modinkenya

On January 26th, Schweinbeck, LLC teamed up with Modinkenya.com to bring their exclusive event #ThePanel sponsored by Threadz Boutique and Twenty Grand Vodka. #ThePanel has come know for highlighting some of the elites in their line of work from radio personalities, managers, medias, exotic dancers and more. For this week, they focus on engineers in the music industry. If you never knew exactly what engineers do to create dope a** songs and why many label AnR’s go to them for suggestions, you definitely found out here. Hosted by Ashley Marietta with DJ Blak Boy on the 1’s and 2’s, this event was definitely entertaining all while being informative at the same time.

Checkout Pictures From The Event Below:

Click Here To View All Pictures From Event

Click Here To View All Pictures From Event

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