In the Hip-Hop culture, just a year ago many artists would be like, “Tom Ford who?”, if you asked them who Tom Ford was, but after Jay-Z, a fashion admirer of Tom Ford, named a song after Tom Ford on his Magna Carter Holy Grail album, Tom Ford has become popular in the fashion and now the entertainment industry as well.

With Jay-Z’s line, “I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford”, Jay-Z ended up creating a knock off jersey for the song when performing which displayed Tom Ford’s name at the top, the year Tom Ford was born in the middle and “Molly” with a line through it at the bottom. Now for London Fashion week, Tom Ford decided to add a little humor to the end of his Ford’s fall/winter 2014 show and created a dress in black and orange that displayed the same thing. Even though Tom Ford called it a, “a knock-off of the knock-off”, he was very excited when asked how did he feel when he heard that Jay-Z made a song about him.


[via nymag]

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