Balmain fashion show, Rihanna

When it comes to the terms, “Turn Down For What?”, and “No F*cks Given”, Rihanna has officially claimed the title as queen.

Her crowning ceremony will begin immediately after her plane lands. After attending the Balmain and Lanvin’s Paris Fashion Week shows, Rihanna went out to enjoy the Balmain after party at Crazy Horse.

Pictures: Rihanna’s Balmain Clothing New HOT Spokesmodel

Arriving in an all black trench coat, Rihanna caught media attention looking stunning for the event, but only did they know Rihanna hasn’t begun her night yet. Once Rihanna took off her coat, media went into a frenzy last night as Rihanna was wearing an all black shirt and fishnet top that clearly showed off her breast for everyone to see. Baring her chest, Rihanna was seen all on instagram as spectators took shots of the celebrity. I don’t care who you were that night, everyone came 2nd to Rihanna’s breast.

Rihanna Wears VERY Revealing Outfit To Chanel Paris Fashion Show. (Photos!)

Well all I can say, in her recent interview in her new march spread in Vogue Rihanna stated, “If I wear a top, I don’t wear a bra, if I wear a bra, I don’t wear a top.” Well us at would like to thank Rihanna from the bottom of our hearts for keeping it real and sticking to her word (tear falls). But checkout the unedited pictures of Rihanna at Balmain fashion show after party.

SN: I bet Rihanna’s Limos don’t even come with a “Partition“.

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