sxsw, vehicular homicide

After what started as a great day at SXSW that included loving people, great performances from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, SZA and many more. SXSW Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning ends in a tragic outcome as a vehicle barreled down Red River St. and 9th street killing 2 and injuring 23 people in the incident.

It is reported that 5 of the injured people are in critical condition, after the driver drove down the one way street and making a right down Red River St. and the incident occurring. Police have stated that, previous the car was pulled over for a suspected DUI at a Shell gas station where the car sped off and proceeded through a crowd of people.

The accident took place outside of The Mohawk club, where many at the time were coming over to see performances from Tyler The Creator and more. The names of the victims, or the suspect have not been released as of yet. The suspect was captured after proceeding in a car chase and being tased by police.

Personal: Im not going to go to deep when speaking on this matter, but it saddens and irritates me to know that this all could have been avoid by the person simply stopping for the police and taking a DUI charge, which would have gave them a few days (if so) in jail, a fine, community service and a DUI class. May seem like a lot, but anyone who is, or sees no problem with driving drunk, PLEASE think about this incident as an outcome that could occur. Now this person may and will face the DUI, alluding the police, 2nd degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder and reckless endangerment. I’m pretty this person did not think their night would end like this and now a DUI ticket doesn’t seem as much. Don’t Drink And Drive.

Checkout the post video footage below captured:

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