Classic Conversations, Jade Novah

Recently Classic Conversations got up with the amazing singer/songwriter/actress Jade Novah to hold an exclusive interview with this lady. If you don’t know about Jade, I suggest that you take some time and get to know her, because I’m pretty sure you will find yourself becoming a “NOVAHcane”. Also make sure to checkout Jade Novah’s previously released single/video for her song, “Show Out“.

More About Interview:
This month on Classic Conversations we’ll be sitting down with singer/actress, Jade Novah as she talks about everything from the pro’s and con’s of being an independent artist to successfully branding yourself without the help of a major label. The Cleveland native who started her professional music career off as a background vocalist and songwriter has gone on to become a YouTube sensation with more than 18 MILLION VIEWS on her theatrical covers, hilarious skits, and innovative original music. She has dominated the mainstream media as an indie artist by landing features on, Vibe, Ebony, Rolling Stone, WorldstarHipHop, Singer’s Room and many more. Jade also performed at the 2013 Grammy Social Media Summit as the reigning winner of the Grammy’s Emerging artist competition. We’re VERY thankful and honored to feature her in this months edition of Classic Conversations and hope that the information and stories she will share will inspire and motivate you to chase your dreams as well!

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