Kale Dreamz

There’s nothing like doing what you love to do most,the difference between a career and merely a job.

For musician Kale Dreamz music comes from the heart. Growing up in Trenton,NJ Kale faced many struggles and most of those struggles lead him to finding an escape which would be music. Today WhyCauseICan.com presents to you his latest mixtape Dreamz II Reality. It’s a 15 track project concentrated on providing listeners with substance and a profile on Kale Dreamz.

More about the mixtape:
Dreamz II Reality is a 15 track project composed by Kale Dreamz(pronounced Kah-lee) concentrated at providing listeners with substance and a profile of what Kale Dreamz can bring to the game. With neck-snapping beats and thought-provoking punchlines the listener can truly appreciate the story of a NJ artist hailing all the way from West Trenton and his struggle against the relentless music industry. With more than just his personal gain on the line Kale Dreamz sets to bring recognition to himself and his camp as his younger sibling “Kale” was born with hydrocephalus, which hinders the ability to carry out the normality of life in which Kale looks to live out his “Dreamz” through himself.

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