Meek Mill, Chase Your Dream

April 5th

1 on 1 Private Audition for DreamChasers Records

Bring Demo with Contact Information

Playing a key role in the career of Rapper Meek Mill from underground to stardom P Mon knows first hand exactly what it takes to break an artist into the new age Music Industry.

Avatar Studios (5PM)

255 Ottley Drive, Atlanata GA 30324

Call (212)390-0851 To Book Artist Audition

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10 Responses

  1. tae trumillz

    Yo whats going on im tae, basicly to rap this up im a up and coming artist that refuses to give up on my dream. Currently im a truck driver and i wasnt able to get to auditions….. but im worth the look and time. I free style like no othere at any given time, R.I.P TO LIL SNUPE but if u think he cold hear me. Look my number is 404 820 9180 hear me at anytime….

    Listen to Broken Prayers by Tae_Mill by Tae_Mill #np on #SoundCloud

    Listen to Skreet Lyfe by Tae_Mill by Tae_Mill #np on #SoundCloud

  2. Quari Pullin

    I know I am extremely late for this event but I was browsing online to find ways to reach out to the Dream Chaser record label and happen to come across this. I am a very ambitious 22 year old Young black male who don’t want nothing but the best for my future and goals. Meek Mill and his movement has gotten me through a lot especially hard times in the military. Right now I stay out here in southern California to pursue my dreams. It’s all or nothing for me. Please reach back out to me through my email that I left above,I check it often for the next upcoming opportunities… Thank you and god bless!!! Dream Chaser…

  3. Hail Rell

    Let me know when that next event im a youngin from the westside of atl san quentin bars for real a definite star if given the chance trying to make it out the streets fr.


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