Benzino, shot

With a situation that sounds like it would have been created for a movie, or a t.v. series, the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino was recently shot by his nephew at his mother’s funeral.

While grieving his mother’s death, Gai Scott shot Benzino, Raymond Scott, multiple times in the back and arm and now Benzino is speaking on the whole situation and says, “Money brings the worst out of people.”

Benzino states:

Only thing I wanna say about that as far as live on camera is that my mother was a beautiful, beautiful woman. And what’s transpired with her over the last 10 years was just really unfortunate.”

“As far as her — I would have wanted her to retire. And be somewhere on the island and stuff, but things happened. Things happened that was out of my control. I’m in Atlanta and she’s up here. And she has other daughters and nephews and stuff. It’s just — it’s unfortunate. Money brings the worst out of people.”

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