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Write-Up Courtesy of Shawntel White of The SOA Brand

The Friday Welcome reception was hosted at the Atlanta Red Bull headquarters and was sponsored by Zaxby’s, Redbull, Gogo PartyBus.

We were delighted by an intimate conversation with John Silvey, Managing Partner at Zaxby’s Store 2080 in Lithonia, GA. He discussed how he’s used social media as a way to engage with the community and customers, while building the stores influence and public relations awareness. After we thanked John for the Zaxby’s feast, Sabrina Harvey and Ashia Sims of Women Interactive gave us an awesome presentation about digital storytelling and how to use it to create a cohesive campaign. You know how much we love telling stories here at SOA, this presentation was right on time as we’ve been working hard to bring our new clients amazing stories for their businesses.

After the presentations and questions were answered, we were ushered into a corral of party buses and taken to Piedmont Park where we enjoyed Redbull’s newest installation, Illume. I don’t think I can recall a time where photograph has ever been that captivating. Back lit photographs, the evening sky, and drinks were the perfect mix for your mind to be taken away to whatever far off land each photo was taken. It was breathtaking. We returned to the RedBull HQ with the promise that the following day would be chalk full of educational adventures.

The annual Power Plug PR conference for public relations professionals, experts, and enthusiasts hosts a full day of panel discussion, networking, and great information that any PR professional, entrepreneur, or student can take with them to create a successful public relations career or campaign for themselves.

The keynote from Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle PR Agency shared with us how she and her team came up with the concept for the conference as well as her journey through public relations and entrepreneurship. During the conference there were plenty of opportunities to not only engage the speakers with a host of questions, but we also had the opportunity to engage with each other through a series of games and instructions, including one that included #selfies.

Panels included (with a few nuggets of knowledge):

Capture + Shape + Share: Making Magic

Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR “Don’t be afraid to be an individual. If there is something you do really well, do that. Find your niche and go after it with confidence.”

Joshua King of Fly Publicity “Take care of your business and network like crazy. Make an imprint on people.”

Keisha Walker from Insights Marketing “Maximize every moment and keep in touch with people.”

Mo Ivory, radio and media personality “Your word, reputation and your consistency will carry you farther than any employer.”

Power Plug PR Conference, Conference, The Garner Circle, Nicole Garnder, Media, Publicist

The Power of Influence: The Buzz Factor

Lorielle Broussard, Marketing and Communications Manager (for the film and entertainment office of the City of Atlanta) “Pick 5 words to describe yourself  and use those to build your brand and represent yourself at all times.”

Tanika Gray, News Editor at CNN “You’re influencing people at all times whether you realize it or not.”

5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own PR Agency

Anje Collins, The Luxe Style Lab and Women in PR “All money ain’t good money.”

Nicole Garner, The Garner Brand “5 tools every business owner should use: Freshbooks, Square, Trello, Simple Life, EchoSign”


The Art of Digital Storytelling

Sabrina Harvey and Ashia Sims, Women Interactive

4 Steps to creating a digital campaign

  • Identify challenges/ opportunities
  • Develop story ideas
  • Create a campaign strategy and social media calendar
  • Launch campaign

Hyper Connect

Garmai Momolu, The Cut Life “Use social media to enhance and bring value to others. How are you using it to create a community?”

Sonja Williams, Shocktheory “The reason you want followers is to be engage. Buying followers does NOTHING for your engagement. You have to have measurable metrics. Your client isn’t buying your service, they are buying your results…can you deliver?”

Transparency Talk: A Day in the Life of

Davida Selby, Edelman “If you make a mistake, find a way to correct it…IMMEDIATELY. Your job could depend on it.”

Eugenia Johnson, The Garner Circle PR “Always have a crisis management plan in place BEFORE a crisis arises.”

Jennifer Ogunsola, Communications for the Mayor Kasim Reed “You don’t have to tell people what you want, you let your work show what you want.”

Dvon Holland “Building relationships are priceless.”
Power Plug PR Conference, Conference, The Garner Circle, Nicole Garnder, Media, Publicist

Meet The Media Panel

Tips to pitch the media:

  • Pitch in email and ensure that all links, attachments, and documents are easy to open and download
  • Make sure that pitch is relevant to that media’s target demographic and mission, check out media kit
  • Personalize each email
  • Send email from a business account to look more professional
  • Draft a compelling subject line
  • Stagger how you contact a media personality
  • Build a relationship
  • Always be ready

Janee Bolden, Bossip

Satchel Jester, Upscale Magazine

Tiffini Gatlin, Tastemaker Magazine

Maurice Garland, Vibe Magazine

Yvette Caslin, Steed Media Group

Tami Reed, Talking with Tami

Power Plug PR Conference, Conference, The Garner Circle, Nicole Garnder, Media, Publicist

FAME PR: Fashion, Arts, Media, Entertainment/ Sports & More

Each niche PR industry has its own method to how they work. It can often be more exciting to the people wanting to be in PR if they seek opportunities in a niche they like.

Margaret Kargbo, iWonder Media Group

Aleesha Carter

Angela Watts, 10 Squared PR

Lillie Williams, Lillie Mae PR

The Power Plug PR conference was built upon the premise of increasing knowledge in the fields of PR, social media, and marketing while showcasing “out the box” practices and techniques. With the help from sponsors: Zaxby’s, Georgia State University, Pitch Engine, Publicity Public School, Infinite Appeal, Stride Gum and many more for making the conference happen! If you missed this year’s conference definitely prepare for next year’s…I can guarantee it’ll be  bigger. Until then, check out a few photos below from WhyCauseICan.com.

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