Rihanna, LUI Magazine

It was already stated that Rihanna may be posing for Playboy with the likes of Vanessa Williams, Latoya Jackson and more and now, its seems like Rihanna may be ready as the cover of LUI Magazine has been released and Rihanna, “The Queen Of #NoFvcks”, poses topless..

On days like this, American’s definitely wish they weren’t American as LUI Magazine displays Rihanna’s boobies and nipple ring as she poses while sunbathing in a bikini bottom. Also, in this magazine, we all find out why Rihanna was posing bottomless as some of the layouts show Rihanna posing in a doggystyle position.

Rihanna makes the lineup of LUI Magazine’s nude models with likes of Kate Moss (2014) and Grace Jones who went topless in 1979.

[via NB]

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