Rahbi, Jade Novah, Jaguar Wright, DJ Naturel

This past Friday, Neo Soul singer and Philly’s own Jaguar Wright and singer/songwriter Jade Novah lit up the stage for their concert in Atlanta.

Presented by the Muddy Water Group with DJ sessions held by DJ Naturel, this was not just a show that many came to attend, but an experience that left many amazed.

I have a confession though, I came through to this event on the pure love of seeing Jade Novah perform. If you have never seen a Jade Novah show you haven’t started living. Their aren’t many artists in the music industry who is capable of creating a staged musical remixing song everyone loves and blending it in with their own catalog of songs all while dancing and still being able to hit every note. Even with said, I have seen Jade perform multiple times and every performance feels like a new experience. So I have definitely been #Jaded (as I like to say) and have earned my stripes to be apart of the #Novahcane tribe.

But even with coming to see one artists, I’m never satisfied with artists I have already seen, or heard and know that the they are capable of creating good music and delivering a music experience. Plus the headliner of the night is Jaguar Wright. As the host announced Jaguar to the stage, as she stood quietly behind the host hilariously waiting to turn up, the crowd began to go crazy for her.

As Ms. Wright made her way to the microphone she displayed the true strength of her voice and she started to singing. Also I forgot to mention, Jaguar kicked her shoes before her performance and from that alone, I already knew that this was not going to be a show I wanted to miss and that is a true sign that when she hits the stage, she owns the stage and the stage has now become her home. After finishing the first song and getting the crowd revved up, Jaguar started to ask for the BEST shots to take to turn up a party, which are fireball whiskey shots and with that being stated by the time she finished a song, their was someone else standing infront of her with another shot to toast to.

While listening to Jaguar sing, her reenacting with the crowd I found myself not only loving her music, but loving her energy and her as it is very rare to see an artist truly appreciate the love and joy people feel when they display what they truly love to do. To end out the night Jaguar Wright ended up bring up a very talent artists by the name of Rahbi who truly exemplifies Prince of today to partly do a duet with him and also tell him how much she loves him and his work as well. Even though shocked and I think a little bit nervous, and if you seen a Rahbi show you know he isn’t the nervous type, he was able to hit a couple of notes for the artist and also freestyled a couple of lines before heading back down to the floor to be serenaded by Jaguar herself.

Friday night is a night I will never forget, but for the mean time checkout pictures below from the concert.

View All Pictures Here

View All Pictures Here

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