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This past Thursday, The Garner Circle PR, a transcultural public relations, lifestyle marketing and activation agency, celebrates nine years in business and receives the coveted Phoenix Award granted by the office of Mayor Kasim Reed.

Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in New York, Charlotte and soon Dallas, The Garner Circle PR believes strongly in being a committed corporate citizen.

The Garner Circle, Nicole Garner, Kasim Reed, events, atlanta,

The Phoenix Award is the highest honor an individual or group can receive from the Mayor of Atlanta. The award recognizes outstanding achievements and service to the city, state, nation or world. Recent Phoenix Award winners include individuals such as Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunnus, five-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, Tyler Perry, former WSB-TV Channel 2 journalist Monica Pearson and Turner Broadcasting System Chairman and CEO Philip Kent.

The Garner Circle PR has an enduring commitment to working to fulfill our public responsibilities and to serving the needs of people in communities worldwide. Fundamental to this commitment is the role we serve as a responsible global corporate citizen.

“As our agency continues to grow, our commitment to the progressiveness of the city of Atlanta and the community we serve is a part of our corporate mission. This commitment has extended far beyond our services and has been amplified many times over through our philanthropic pro-bono division, our network of partners, nonprofits, other organizations as well as our national internship program dedicated to preparing the next generation of publicists for the future.”

Nicole Garner (CEO, The Garner Circle PR)

“Over the past few years we have incorporated social innovation into our client’s campaigns, aligning the business and entertainment sectors with partnering philanthropic causes to give purpose and address social change.”

Eugenia Johnson (PR Director, The Garner Circle PR).

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