For their upcoming EP that is set to be released later this month, the all girl group made up of Kea Aleis, MaiDai, Aire B. and Neiko, known as Havok Jones, held and “Inaugural Homage” that saluted female groups of the 90’s this past Tuesday.

This private event, special guests RSVP to attend to be able to get the Havok Jones experience live. Hosted by Sister 2 Sister Magazine’s own Mrs. Jamie Foster and sponsored by Moscato, this event treated guest attendees like stars.

Special guest such as original member from Destiny’s Child and RnB Divas star LaTavia and Kameelah from the girl trio 702 and RnB Divas star came to show support to the young ladies. Other special guest included, Angie Stone, Debra Antney, 112’s Michael Keith, J Holiday, Kelsey Nicole, Mishon, Jade Novah, Bo Talley, Myko and many more!

To start of the event, Havok Jones opened up by surprising the audience by performing En Vogue’s hit song, “Don’t Let Go”, off of the movie “Set It Off” soundtrack, right before showing a video clip of the ladies letting them know more about themselves and what they look forward to in their upcoming endeavors. Afterwards the ladies was interviewed personally by Jamie Foster, asking them questions such as “What will keep them together?”. As MaiDai stated to her, “We need each other”. I feel that this was one of the best answers that any group could have given as all have seen the success of girl groups rise, take over the world, but end up watch them crumble from within.

This is a girl group that I feel is capable of growing higher than the likes of the recreation of Danity Kane and U.K. girl group Little Mix. As I watched them, I noticed that these ladies watched out for each other, smile continuously (even when it seemed no one was watch them) and greeted everyone as they truly loved them. The foundation around these 4 super creative individuals is outstanding and as long as they stay grounded and remember they are doing it all for “Us” not “Me”, they are going to exceed even the best of Destiny’s Child today.

Make sure to be on the lookout for these ladies EP later this month, but in the mean time checkout pictures from their Inaugural Homage event below.

Checkout Havok Jones as they perform Xscape’s song “Who Can I Run To” Live

Click Here To View ALL PHOTOS From Event

Click Here To View ALL PHOTOS From Event

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  1. Teresa Fe-Fe Barrow

    EXTREMELY HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR THE GROUP…Overly excited for My Cuzin Aire B…She’s been making waves for a long time and with patience and perseverance. ..GOD made this possible for her and them…MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THEIR JOURNEY!!!!


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