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During the BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles, HHS1987 caught up with Superfriends DJ’s founder DJ Mars to discuss the origin of his new book, “The Art Behind The Tape”.

Teaming up with Bril Ndiaye and Maurice Garland, DJ Mars has joined forces with Kickstarter to present “The Art Behind the Tape”, a book which will chronicle the evolution of the mixtape cover art.  “The Art Behind The Tape” is the first novel to detail the history of the mixtape and highlights the importance of mixtape artwork. While in Los Angeles for the BET Awards, DJ Mars teamed up with Monster DNA and New Era to put together a showcase explaining the importance of the mixtape.

After the showcase, HHS1987 spoke to DJ Mars about the novel, the process of creating the book and what we can expect from him as 2014 continues. With DJ Mars set to possibly tour to promote “The Art Behind The Tape” and possibly gearing up to tour with Usher later this year, its clear DJ Mars will finish out 2014 strong.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987′s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987′s Brian Da Director.

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